Alta Cave Creek
Pietra Apartments

Phoenix, Arizona | Commercial Multi Family

Commercial Distributed Solar Array  |  Parking Canopy
Arizona Public Service APS

Wood Partners is one of the five largest US apartment developers and Westplan Investments is an Atlanta based real estate investment entity that owns apartments and commercial property throughout the country.  Through a partnership, the two entities own the Alta Cave Apartment complex in Phoenix, AZ and intend to add value through operational gains.  The addition of the Photovoltaic solar system adds substantial operating income to the property over the expected operational life.  Located in hot Arizona, the owners chose to develop their first solar system, in both their portfolios, on a newly added parking canopy system. The parking canopies provide both electricity and valuable shaded parking.  Renewvia Energy engineered a solution for Alta Cave that utilizes the solar installation to power common area needs of the property. The project takes advantage of Arizona Public Services’ production-based renewable energy incentive program to bring these benefits of solar energy to Alta Cave.  Renewvia Energy developed and operates the power plant for Westplan.  Westplan Investments owns the project and benefits directly from the economics.  Arizona Public Service owns the Environmental Benefits generated by the project for 20 years.