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Atlanta-based Renewvia Energy Brings Solar Power to Remote Island Communities in Kenya

  ATLANTA, Ga. – Today, Renewvia Energy announced that its first two microgrid facilities, outfitted with the company’s innovative new mobile payment platform, are successfully up and running on the Islands of Ndeda and Ringiti in Kenya’s Lake Victoria region. These microgrids are the first safe source of energy available to the nearly 10,000 residents…

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New 11,160 square-foot Roof Installation in Jacksonville, FL

Every day can be Earth Day when you are saving money and reducing your carbon foot print with solar panels. We recently completed a new solar roof installation for this 11,160-square-foot medical office building in Jacksonville, FL. Solar is Florida’s most abundant energy source, although the state lags behind the nation in solar installations. Here…

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Renewvia Kenya Solar Microgrid Construction

Renewvia Microgrid Construction

The Renewvia Energy Kenya Team is finishing installation of the Ringiti Solar Microgrid racking and module installation. Renewvia self performs the installation of the microgrid. The Renewvia Technicians Engineer, Procure and Construct their solar microgrids. Managing transport for microgrids in remote locations, especially islands is not trivial. Conventional commercial transport is mostly not available. Solar…

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Renewvia Energy Constructing milestone solar microgrid network in rural Kenya following USTDA-Funded feasibility study

Renewvia will connect up to 4,000 homes and businesses in Kenya from 13 different sites in 2018. Renewvia Energy is helping underserved communities and businesses in rural Kenya access the energy they need to improve their lives and bolster their economy. Renewvia is building a network of solar microgrid stations that will provide clean, efficient, and…

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Kenyan businesses and homes to benefit from solar microgrid project

Underserved communities and businesses in rural Kenya are soon going to access the energy they need to improve their lives and boost their economy. Renewvia Energy, a solar energy solutions provider is helping achieve this milestone. Renewvia conducted a year-long solar microgrid feasibility study in 2017, talking to all stakeholders and community members at length about…

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New Video: #SolarProgress Kenya

Check out our latest video! At the end of 2017, we concluded a year-long feasibility study evaluating the use of solar microgrids in rural parts of Kenya. Numerous sites and villages were surveyed and we met with virtually every resident and business in each community about their concerns and needs. We are eager to build…

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