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New Video: #SolarProgress Kenya

Check out our latest video! At the end of 2017, we concluded a year-long feasibility study evaluating the use of solar microgrids in rural parts of Kenya. Numerous sites and villages were surveyed and we met with virtually every resident and business in each community about their concerns and needs. We are eager to build…

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Saving Money with Solar Energy

If you think of the many ways a school impacts its community, you probably think about what’s going on inside its walls. But on top of the Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia, its solar arrays are improving the local environment, saving the school money, and contributing to the education of its students. Read more

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Closing the power gap

Advances in fishing practices and technologies have improved the aquaculture industry overall, but many of those advances are still out of reach for fisheries that operate in power-challenged areas of the globe, report Trey Jarrard and Eric Domescik. Read more

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Top Solar Contractors

Renewvia Energy designs, installs, owns, and operates commercial, solar microgrids and utility solar power systems in both urban and rural geographies across the globe. Renewvia adds value to clients’ businesses, provides above market returns for investors and improves quality of life for people in power challenged areas. The company provides a complete range of solar…

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Renewvia Energy Builds Largest Rooftop Solar Array in New Hampshire for Worthen Industries, a 150-Year-Old Manufacturing Business

Renewvia Energy is helping a manufacturing business in New Hampshire set a state record while cutting the company’s energy costs in half. Renewvia recently finished work on the largest rooftop solar array in New Hampshire at Worthen Industries. Worthen is a 150-year-old, family-owned manufacturer with deep ties to its state and community. Read more

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