New 11,160 square-foot Roof Installation in Jacksonville, FL

Every day can be Earth Day when you are saving money and reducing your carbon foot print with solar panels.

We recently completed a new solar roof installation for this 11,160-square-foot medical office building in Jacksonville, FL.

Solar is Florida’s most abundant energy source, although the state lags behind the nation in solar installations. Here are some more stats on the sunshine state’s solar industry.

Florida Solar Facts from US Dept. of Energy and the Solar Energy Industries Association

Solar Installed (MW): 1,430.23
National Ranking: 10th (3rd in 2017)
State Homes Powered by Solar: 156,678
Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar: 0.49%
Solar Jobs: 8,589
Solar Companies in State: 491 (69 Manufacturers, 260 Installers/Developers, 153 Others)
Total Solar Investment in State: $2,065.25 million


  • Prices have fallen 55% in the last five years
  • Growth Projection and Ranking: 4,761 MW over the next 5 years (ranks 2nd)
  • Number Of Installations 21,713

Read more about Florida solar on Wikipedia.

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