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Renewvia Energy Electrifies the Beer Wholesalers Industry with a Solar Array That Offsets S.C.-Based Comer Distributing’s Power Usage by 80 Percent

ATLANTA, Ga. – Today, Renewvia Energy announced that its new 150-kilowatt (kW) rooftop solar array for Comer Distributing will save the Rock Hill, S.C. company $905,000 over the next 25 years. By converting what was essentially dormant roof space into a renewable energy generator, Renewvia’s system will produce 80 percent of the power required to…

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Renewvia Pilots and Proves Its Model for Solar Microgrid Development

Last month, we announced that two new solar microgrid facilities were successfully up and running on the Islands of Ndeda and Ringiti in Kenya’s Lake Victoria region. Both were also outfitted with Renewvia Energy’s innovative, new mobile payment platform, which uses M-Pesa and the Commercial Bank of Africa to facilitate the transactions. Here’s how it works:…

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New Video: #SolarProgress Kenya

Check out our latest video! At the end of 2017, we concluded a year-long feasibility study evaluating the use of solar microgrids in rural parts of Kenya. Numerous sites and villages were surveyed and we met with virtually every resident and business in each community about their concerns and needs. We are eager to build…

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