Who We Are


Renewvia’s goal is to own and operate solar systems to maximize return on investment, and provide long term value to the company and our project investors. As a developer, Renewvia’s rooftop, canopy, and ground-mounted solar arrays provide our partners with clean, reliable, and cost-effective power. Through the use of power purchase agreements (PPAs) we are able to provide solutions that significantly reduce or eliminate up-front cost to the system’s host.

The company’s consulting group works with large corporate entities and land-owners nationwide to evaluate their existing real estate footprint, corresponding power profile, and evaluate local utility/state incentives and rebates to determine the cost effectiveness of a solar project and how it will impact the bottom line. Renewvia is technology and vendor agnostic resulting in the best solar power system for each project. Renewvia leverages experience and buying power to boost returns and mitigate risk.

Renewvia Energy has deep industry expertise in renewables, investment-grade commercial real estate, and structured project finance. Our unique and complete set of skills provides innovative, financeable solutions to our clients, partners, investors, lenders and capital providers.