Lake view Fisheries


Lake View Fisheries is a leading Kenyan commercial fish farm which farms tilapia in a sustainable manner, and distributes fish to various urban areas. Lake View Fisheries (LVF) is disrupting the fish value chain by applying an environmentally friendly innovative solution to ensure fish producers receive fair pay, less fish is wasted at the post-harvest stage and consumers pay affordable prices for healthy protein. LVF will construct and manage the "Green Cold Store" and will create additional fish depots in various fishing communities around Lake Victoria replicating the same concept.

Renewvia Energy Kenya Ltd. (REKL) partnered with LVF to develop, own and operate solar powered hybrid microgrid on its initial hatchery facility on Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria Kenya and expansion facilities throughout the region. The REKL rooftop microgrid offsets KPLC power when the utility is producing savings many thousands of dollars annually in addition and more materially powering the crucial incubators and filtration pumps when grid power is not available offsetting the cost of running diesel powered back up pumps and generators.


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