Renewvia Energy designs, installs, owns, and operates commercial and utility solar power systems. The company provides a complete range of solar energy solutions including turnkey solar installation, integrated financing and solar consulting services. Renewvia solar power plants reside in multiple geographies, interconnecting to numerous utilities under complex and challenging financing structures.

Renewvia Energy Corporation began developing solar power systems in 2008 in various financeable domestic geographies. The plants were capitalized with everything from Solar Renewable Energy Credits, federal cash grants, state cash grants, state tax credits, utility production based incentives, utility cash grant incentives, federal accelerated depreciation and power purchase agreements. Renewvia developed arrays on warehouse rooftops in the NE US, multifamily parking canopies in the west and master metered commercial real estate properties, manufacturing facilities, school’s buildings and sorted agricultural entities all over the country and most recently the world.

Renewvia has built microgrids in the Marianas Islands and various remote regions in Kenya. The company is evaluating over 100 solar microgrid development sites in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda. Every remote plant will provide power to the individuals and businesses of the trading centers and villages through a prepaid structure.

Renewvia adds value to the client’s businesses, provides above market returns for investors and improves quality of life for people in power challenged areas.


Renewvia's mission is to increase value
for clients and to improve quality of life
for people across the globe.