Carbon Emissions and Offset

Not only will a solar array save you money on power, but it is also a benefit to the environment. In today’s world, that can gain a lot of added PR attention as well as attracting certain customers. 

The below stats are example of an approximately 10,000 sf building with a 200,000 KWh annual power consumption, and what it would save with a 100 KW solar array.

Greenhouse Gas

without solar: 153 metric tons
solar offset: 96 metric tons

Gallons of Gas

without solar: 16,496 gallons consumed
solar offset: 96 metric tons

Forests and Trees

without solar: 175 acres of US forests used
solar offset: 80 acres of US forests planted

Passenger Vehicles

without solar: 32 more passenger vehicles 
solar offset: 20 passenger vehicles removed

Greenhouse Gas

without solar: 26.2 homes energy equivalent
solar offset: 15 homes total energy saved