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Engineering Project Manager


Renewvia is in search of an Engineering Project Manager to contribute to utility relations, project management, operations & maintenance, and preliminary design to support business development. To begin, this position will follow the roles and responsibilities below with the opportunity to dive deeper into a more targeted role as experience is gained. 


Utility Relations:

  • The Engineering Project Manager (EPM) will be responsible for completing and submitting interconnection applications for each project, and engaging with utility company personnel to have applications approved. The EPM will also be responsible for maintaining a database of interconnection requirements for each utility Renewvia engages with for future reference. 

Project Management:

  • The EPM will be responsible for --

    • dispersing RFPs to subcontractors for each project

    • assessing proposals with management teams

    • checking all Bills of Material for each project including orders for inverters, rapid shutdown, monitoring hardware, electrical balance-of-system, and racking hardware

    • coordinate between the engineering and procurement teams to ensure the proper materials are ordered

    • reviewing plan sets for components that may be left off of the bill of material

    • coordination between utilities and the construction team, including subcontractors, for building shutdowns and tie-ins

    • coordination between construction and engineering teams for RFIs and red-line changes

Operations & Maintenance:

  • EPM will be responsible for coordination of O&M priorities, which includes periodic reviews of the Service Log and scheduling trips with the O&M team. In addition, EPM will also coordinate with the engineering team when assistance is needed to troubleshoot problems, and with management teams to set appropriate pricing for O&M services.  


  • EPM will be expected to assist with design work on an as-needed basis, primarily when there is a high demand for layout designs or PVsyst models. EPM may also be asked to perform preliminary scouting trips for new projects depending on the availability of the engineering team. 

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