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Engineering Intern


This internship position is for a part-time position in the Fall of 2022 for Engineering students, ideally those in electrical, mechanical, or energy systems engineering. Interested applicants can also continue for a full-time term in the Spring of 2023. 


The intern will work in a variety of areas including design, installation, operations & maintenance, and analysis. They will be taught the ins & outs of solar technology as well as the industry as a whole. By working in a small company setting, the intern will gain exposure to all aspects of developing and maintaining commercial-scale solar systems. 

Tasks will include:

  • Laying out rooftop and ground-mounted solar arrays for prospective projects

  • Performing hands-on system maintenance in the field

  • Performing shading analyses for future solar arrays

  • Field-testing PV modules and strings

  • Monitoring performance of existing systems 

The intern may also have a single core project spanning the duration of their term that is up to the discretion of their manager. 

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