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With the global push to make the switch to electric vehicles, the demand for charging stations is sure to rise as well. All industries will be faced with the need to rethink & redesign their electrical infrastructure in order to accommodate the growing need for EV charging and ideally, these modifications don't need to directly impact your monthly power bill. 

EV Charging Program Management

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Standardize Multi-Site Installs

By creating a standard roadmap for multi-site installations, successful results along with high level of quality are promised and expected. 

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Streamline EV Charging Installations

Implementing a standard for EV charging projects will significantly speed up each installation by highlighting the best way forward for each job. 

EV Charging Feasibility Study

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Evaluate Charging Station Needs 

Every site is different and requires a different plan of action for installation. We can help determine how many charging stations make sense for your business while accounting for future growth. 

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Estimate Installation Costs

Cost estimating is an important piece to any decision making process. A full cost analysis and estimated cashflows are included as part of our end-to-end EV installation offering. 


Preliminary Site Assessment

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Site assessments allow the opportunity to create a detailed path forward for the installation of EV stations. Every site is different and it's important to establish the hurdles early to avoid surprises later in the process.  

Rebate Search

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The incentives to accommodate EV charging are growing with the push for electric vehicles. Renewvia offers a deep dive into the large number of rebate programs to find the best fit for each installation. 

Design Package & Cost Proposal

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As is the case with any project, costs can vary. Using the preliminary site assessment and rebate search among other data, Renewvia provides a turnkey cost estimate upfront for guidance through the decision making process.

Hardware Recommendations

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With ample vendors available for EV equipment, Renewvia uses our connections and position in the market to locate the best option for each facility layout and installation budget. 

Demand and Load Analysis

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Renewvia will work closely with the utility and facility ownership to determine the most cost-effective and efficient incorporation of EV equipment and increased electrical load. 

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