Hail Protection

Investing in a solar car canopy is the most strategic — and financially sound — solution for protecting your inventory from hail.

If you have considered protection for your inventory and/or your insurance company is financially incentivizing you to do so, solar canopies provides dealerships with a
strategic solution.

Covering your inventory

The solar support structures and car canopies are designed to match the high caliber aesthetics of each dealership, including under canopy lighting to protect all, or the majority of your inventory.

Reducing or eliminating power bills

With the escalation of in the cost of power, owning a solar array that generates the majority of power needed to operate the business provides a valuable hedge against ever-increasing utility bills.

Paying for itself in 5 years or less

The solar array produces free cash flow in the form of energy savings, which can later be realized at the sale of the business and/or property.

Promoting corporate sustainability

This investment will substantially reduce the total carbon footprint of your business and create a powerful marketing tool that will highlight the sustainability goals of the company.

Time is running out to capitalize on current solar tax incentives and benefits

  • First offered in 2006, the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit was extended until the end of 2020, when it begins to decrease down to10% by 2022.
  • This credit lets businesses recoup 30% of the cost of their solar systems — and any structure to host it — in the first year.
  • Combined with the current 100% Accelerated Depreciation and local utility rebates, you can recoup more than 50% of the system cost in the very first year alone.

Hitting too close to home –the growing cost of hail damage

  • Every year, hundreds of storms pummel dealerships all across theUnited States, producing everything from baseball-sized hailstones inDallas, Texas to softball-sized chunks in Colorado Springs and record breaking grapefruit-sized balls of ice in northern Alabama.
  • Hailstorms are now producing $8-10 billion in damage every year, and automotive insurers are responding by increasing deductibles to share in the loses with their clients or increasing them all together.
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