Hail Protection Workflow & Implementation

From start to finish, Renewvia will handle everything for you. From planning and design, to permitting and interconnection approval.

1. Design, engineering, and permitting the solar canopy and conventional shade structure varies with every jurisdiction. The structures are sometimes subject to the same setbacks as a standard building, requiring more diligent design as it relates to maximizing a coverage layout.

2. Solar and regular canopy construction begins with staging. It is never easy to give spaces for material, but getting all materials on site is the most strategic for completing the project in a timely manner.

3. Drilling, setting, and pouring the columns is the most invasive portion of the project.

4. The standard foundation is about 10’ deep in good soils.

5. If soils are not acceptable for conventionally stabilizing a column, or if an infrastructure item is below, a spread footing can be utilized to maintain the desired layout.

6. The drill, set, pour phase of the project is the most sensitive and most critical to complete. Drilling can’t take place in inclement weather or when the ground is frozen, and cement can’t be poured under a certain temperature. Once this phase is completed, the remainder of work is much less susceptable to delays due to weather.