Renewvia Energy's Innovative Solution to Expanding Access to Electricity Wins a Spot at the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit

June 4, 2019

ATLANTA, Ga. – RenewviaEnergy Corporation has been selected by the U.S. Department of State toparticipate in the ninth Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), co-hosted by theUnited States and The Netherlands in The Hague from June 3-5, 2019. Renewviaco-founder and CEO Trey Jarrard joins 2,000 of the world’s mostinnovative entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and key stakeholdersfrom more than 120 countries. The participants are working to solve and scaleup solutions to challenges around five key sectors: Energy, Agriculture/Food,Connectivity, Health and Water.  

“It’s an incredible honor that Renewvia was chosen as a U.S.delegate to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit for our work in sub-SaharanAfrica,” said Mr. Jarrard. “Two out of three people there do not have access toelectricity, but it’s even worse in rural, hard-to-reach communities.Renewvia’s approach to microgrid development provides a real opportunity todrive sustainable impact in these areas and generate a market return oninvestment.”

Since 2016, Renewvia has actively pursued a sustainablerural electrification strategy for sub-Saharan Africa that deploy its RuralMicrogrid Development and Operation Model, a blueprint for constructing hybridand standalone solar photovoltaic and battery-powered plants. Designed toaccommodate additional capacity from wind or other sources of electricity, thisapproach provides a sustainable return on investment at scale by focusing on fourcore pillars: (1) prioritizing community engagement upfront and throughout theprocess; (2) working with regulators and government officials to properlysecure all licenses and permissions required  to own and operate each facility for 20 years;(3) capitalizing a long term revenue stream and data from individual communityinhabitants and local businesses; and (4) harnessing scalable innovations inclean tech to procure and construct the most efficient power systems tailoredto  existing community needs.

To date, Renewvia procured a mix of grantsand contributed its corporate balance sheet to build the microgrids and lay thegroundwork for future projects. The company is currently pursuing a Series A capitalraise of $14.7 million to develop 27 new facilities in Kenya and Nigeria.

About Renewvia

Renewvia EnergyCorporation is a top 500 Global Solar Developer headquartered in theAtlanta, Ga. It designs, installs, owns and operates commercial and communitysolar power systems across three continents and provides a complete range ofsolar energy solutions including turnkey solar installation, integratedfinancing and solar consulting services.