Renewvia Pilots and Proves Its Model for Solar Microgrid Development

October 24, 2018

Last month, we announced that two new solar microgrid facilities were successfully up and running on the Islands of Ndeda and Ringiti in Kenya’s Lake Victoria region. Both were also outfitted with Renewvia Energy’s innovative, new mobile payment platform, which uses M-Pesa and the Commercial Bank of Africa to facilitate the transactions. Here’s how it works:

Renewvia’s Model for Microgrid Success

In addition to providing the first safe and reliable source of energy available to the islands’ nearly 10,000 residents, Renewvia’s mobile payment system means that everyone, from families to local businesses, will have an easy and affordable way to access our solar-generated power for the next 20 years. When combined with community engagement upfront and throughout the entire process, you get Renewvia’s Model for Microgrid Success.As we replicate our approach to generating both impact and ROI all across sub-Saharan Africa, we’re honored for the opportunity to pilot and prove this model with our partners and new friends on the Islands of Ndeda and Ringiti.Want to learn more about what Renewvia is doing in Africa and around the globe? Visit our Projects page.