Comer Distributing Company

Comer Distributing Company

Rock Hills, South Carolina
Commercia Distributed Rooftop Solar Array
Utility: Rock Hill

Renewvia designed an installed a 150-kW rooftop solar array for Comer Distributing that will save the Rock Hill, S.C. company $905,000 over the next 25 years. By converting what was essentially dormant roof space into a renewable energy generator, Renewvia’s system will produce 40 percent of the power required to operate Comer’s distribution facility, cutting the family-owned company’s annual greenhouse emissions by 61 metric tons.

“Reducing our electricity bills and carbon footprint is a win-win my book,” said Chip Comer, president of Comer Distributing Company. “We’ve been operating in Rock Hill since 1971 and see this investment in solar as an investment in the future of our company, our 68 employees and our community.”

Over the last decade, Renewvia has completed more than two dozen similar solar arrays for automotive, steel fabrication and manufacturing facilities across the United States, including what is now the largest in New Hampshire. However, the 468-solar panel array that Renewvia designed and installed for Comer marks the company’s first project in the beer distribution industry.

"Chip is a trailblazer,” said Henley Odom, Renewvia’s director of business development and lead on the Comer Distributing deal. “There is tremendous opportunity for solar to help beer distributors reduce operating costs by owning as much power as possible, so we are thrilled to have partnered with Comer on one of the industry’s first commercial distributed solar arrays in the Southeast.”