Ndeda Island Solar and Wind Microgrid

Ndeda Island Solar and Wind Microgrid

Lake Victoria, Kenya
Solar- and Wind-Battery Microgrid | PAYGO
Renewvia Energy Community Microgrid

In February 2019, Renewvia added a wind turbine to its solar microgrid, which has provided this island community with access to affordable and reliable power since July 2018.

Renewvia Energy developed, owns, and operates a 10 kW/48 kWh solar-battery microgrid for the 4000 residents of Ndeda Island in Lake Victoria. We are the sole utility on the island, providing our customers with affordable and reliable power for the first time.

Our customers pay us using mobile money that is instantly processed through the Renewvia payment platform to their internet-connected smart electricity meters.

With access to electricity for the first time, the residents of Ndeda are already moving to improve their own livelihoods with new business opportunities such as ice plants, battery charging, and healthcare expansion.