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February 25, 2021

Solar Microgrids Commissioned in Olkiramatian and Oyamo Island

2021 is in full swing, with a number of Renewvia’s solar microgrid projects in Kenya coming online. Two of these are located in the remote communities of Olkiramatian and Oyamo. These projects have been made possible with funding from Dream Project Incubators and Agence Française de Développement (AFD), and with support from GMG Facility Kenya.

Oyamo Island is located in Lake Victoria, Kenya and has a population of approximately 3,500 people. Until this year, the island residents were living without a sustainable and reliable source of electricity. In January, Renewvia commissioned a solar microgrid to serve the community and its residents, small businesses and other institutions. The microgrid has the potential to serve Oyamo’s 400 households as well as its businesses (barber shops, retail, a hotel, etc.) and its health center and a primary school.

A doctor and patient benefit from longer work hours fueled by clean energy on Oyamo Island. Photo credit: IED.

Olkiramatian is located in the beautiful South Rift Valley in Kajado County, Kenya and home to the Maasai. In February 2021, Renewvia commissioned a new solar microgrid, bringing clean, renewable and affordable energy to this community for the first time.

While the permanent population of Olkiramatian is 600, it fluctuates, given the nomadic nature of the Maasai. Renewvia’s system allows for the community to manage these fluctuations to meet their needs.

We can expect tangible positive implications for Olkiramatian, including medical services that can be provided more consistently/later in the day via the local health facility, extended school and study hours for children, better business outcomes and improved public safety.

Houses and businesses connected to the Renewvia microgrid on Oyamo Island. Photo credit: IED.

“We are thrilled to extend our reach and impact to Oyamo and Olkiramatian, said Douglas Cox, Renewvia’s Director of Project Development. “Each location has unique challenges that Renewvia was well positioned to address given our deep experience working in a wide variety of communities across Kenya. We look forward to seeing the measurable benefits that renewable, affordable power will bring to these communities.”

The solar microgrids in Oyamo and Olkirmatian utilize lithium ion battery storage to provide reliable power throughout non daylight hours and are designed to scale as individual and communal power demand increases, without any financial burden to the communities.


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