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Renewvia Secures $15M Development Capital to Accelerate 2GW Utility Scale Solar & Storage Pipeline

Renewvia Energy Corporation

Treehouse Development Finance

November 8, 2023

Contact: Seth Stulgis, Director of Development, Renewvia Energy Corporation (617) 291 - 0408

Contact: John Brown, Director of Development, Treehouse Development Finance (507) 370 - 2791

Atlanta, GA – Renewvia Energy Corporation, a leading global solar development and installation firm, is excited to announce the execution of a $15M development loan for large-scale utility solar projects with Treehouse Development Finance, a leading financier of renewable energy projects and an affiliate of Treehouse Investments.

Renewvia Energy Corporation is developing a 2 GW pipeline of solar and storage projects, consisting of 150-450MW in the TVA, MISO, and SERC regions. Seth Stulgis, Director of Development, was hired in 2021 and brings 15 years of expertise spanning development, finance, and manufacturing,

“Securing a significant capital commitment from a reliable financing partner will accelerate our goal of deploying significant amounts of solar across the US. This partnership capitalizes on the strengths and expertise of both Renewvia Energy Corporation and Treehouse Development Finance to deliver utility-scale renewable energy projects that will reduce carbon emissions and foster a greener planet for future generations.”

The partnership aligns with Renewvia’s mission to drive the transition to clean energy solutions, benefiting the environment and local communities. It will also bring significant economic benefits to rural communities across the US.

“The Renewvia team has significant experience in the renewable energy sector, including development, construction, and financing. We are excited to support their long-term development strategy and look forward to helping them achieve their business objectives as they develop utility-scale clean energy projects in the southeast United States," said John Brown, Chief Development Officer at TDF.

About Renewvia Energy Corporation

Renewvia Energy Corporation is a leading global renewable energy development and installation company with a strong commitment to advancing clean energy solutions. Renewvia Energy Corporation has four lines of business: utility-scale solar development; US commercial and industrial solar development and installation projects executed in 20 states; a carbon blockchain-based trading platform; and is the largest provider of microgrids in Africa. With a track record of successful projects on multiple continents and a dedication to sustainability, the company plays a pivotal role in driving the transition to a greener future.

About Treehouse Development Finance

Treehouse Development Finance, LLC and its loan funds (collectively called "TDF") offer financing to developers for early-stage renewable energy projects throughout North America. Founded in 2020, TDF is a Minneapolis-based subsidiary of Treehouse Investments, LLC, a boutique decentralized infrastructure investment dedicated to addressing climate change. With a wealth of experience, TDF is committed to flexible and innovative financial solutions to support the growth if the renewable energy sector.

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