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June 18, 2019


Eric: This is Renewvia’s first Intern Spotlight, and I’m simply thrilled to have you on our team this summer. What made you apply to Renewvia?

Logue: Because you and my dad have been friends since high school, and then became friends with Trey Jarrard in college, everyone in my family has had a front-row seat to watching Renewvia expand solar energy across the U.S. and the world. Besides that, however, it is also just exciting to get to be part of a company that is helping promote sustainability. And since I recently changed my major to Business Marketing, this is an opportunity for me to gain valuable working experience in both marketing/communications and business development fields.


Eric: Right off the bat, you’ve been incredible addition to our team. What are your thoughts so far? What does a typical day look like at Renewvia?

Logue: I have loved my time here, and it’s hard to believe that a month has gone by already! It is fun to come in day after day to assist the different teams on a variety of projects. My priority is helping the Communications and Marketing leads, Ashley Chang and Tom Bledsoe, which means I get to work on everything from drafting press releases and media lists, assisting with website updates and creating content and fun videos for social media. I also work with you and Mitch Butler on the Sales Team to edit the Weekly Reports based on the Daily Update Reports that are sent in from all of the construction sites at the end of every day. These reports detail what has been finished, what is going to be worked on next and what can be done to keep each one moving forward on schedule. I’ve also prepared background memos and presentations for meetings with potential clients – and I've even sat in on a few! – which has given me an incredible opportunity to learn about the different aspects of what goes into being a successful solar company.


Eric: What is your favorite Renewvia solar project so far?

Logue: I’ve worked on so many cool projects so far! From solar microgrids for refugee settlements in Africa to ground-mounted solar arrays for poultry farms in South Carolina, rooftop systems for auto dealerships right here in Georgia and more. My favorite project, however, is the comprehensive marketing campaign around Renewvia’s approach to hail protection. Although the campaign is mainly focused on Texas and Colorado, along with other states that are susceptible to hailstorms and the incredible damage they cause to auto dealerships, I think that the overall idea of a solar canopy is brilliant. In addition to protecting inventory, they provide shade to cars and trucks on hot clear days and promote sustainability by turning otherwise empty roof space into renewable energy generators. The canopies can even be custom built to match the look and feel of the surrounding buildings, allowing them to be practical even where hail isn’t a huge threat!


Eric: Our final questions brings it home, literally. Renewvia operates solar power systems across three continents and nearly two dozen U.S. states, but we are especially proud of our hometown roots in Atlanta. What’s your favorite thing about working in Atlanta?

Logue: I am from here, so it is really special to have my first professional internship in Atlanta. Whether it is going to a Braves game at the Battery, walking my dogs by the Chattahoochee or just going out to eat at a fun restaurant, there is so much to do! It’s also great being at home with family and having the chance to catch up with great friends who I don’t get to see when school is in session.

The best part, however, is being able to work with and learn from you and Trey. I have known you both my whole life, and even though I’m only about a month into the internship, I cannot believe how much I’ve already learned. I’m so grateful have been given this opportunity!


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