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January 7, 2019

There’s nothing more American than enjoying a few beers around the BBQ with your family and friends on July 4th, so in the lead up to this Independence Day, we’re taking a few moments to celebrate Renewvia Energy’s recent expansion into the beer wholesaling industry.

1. COMER DISTRIBUTING COMPANY (ROCK HILL, S.C.) A few months ago, we completed a new 150-kilowatt (kW) rooftop solar array for Comer Distributing which will save the family-owned company more than $900,000 over the next 25 years. By converting what was essentially dormant roof space into a renewable energy generator, Renewvia’s solar installation is now producing over 80 percent of the power required to operate Comer’s distribution facility, in addition to slicing its CO2 emissions by around 300,000 pounds per year.

“Reducing our electricity bills and carbon footprint is a win-win in my book. We’ve been operating in Rock Hill since 1971 and see this investment in solar as an investment in the future of our company, our 68 employees and our community.” – Chip Comer, President of Comer Distributing Company

Renewvia has completed dozens of solar installations over the past decade for a variety of clients all across the U.S., ranging from auto dealerships to steel fabrication and manufacturing facilities (including the largest in New Hampshire and one of the largest in Alabama), medical buildings and apartment complexes, poultry farms and more. While Comer’s 468-solar panel system marks Renewvia’s first project in the beer wholesaling industry, we are just getting started.

2. BIBBDISTRIBUTING CO. (MACON, GA.) Because there is tremendous opportunity for solar to help beer distributors reduce operating costs by owning as much power as possible, we recently partnered with Bibb Distributing Co. to develop a 300-kW rooftop array for its Macon, Ga. facility. Since 1956, Bibb Distributing has guaranteed the delivery of ice-cold beers from Anheuser-Busch Inbev, D.G. Yuengling, New Belgium Brewing, Macon Beer Company and other fine regional breweries to clients all across middle Georgia. As you would expect, its distribution warehouse consumes a lot power, but when Renewvia’s system comes online in a few months, it will offset Bibb Distributing’s power cost by approximately 40 percent. Over the next 25 years, our solar installation will save the company more than $1.3 million.

HOW IT WORKS: The best part of my job is working closelywith incredible clients like Comer and Bibb along every stage of our process –from the initial concept discussion, allthe way through to the final installation.

We start by evaluating a company’s realestate footprint and corresponding power profile. Then, after examining thelocal utility’s solar policy and the state and federal tax credits and rebates,we map out the most cost-effective design. Finally, we construct and commissionan AHJ standard and utility-compliant solarpower generation system.

THE RESULT is a specialized rooftop array that is guaranteed to impact our client’s bottom line by increasing annual free cash flow generated from power savings, along with reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, year after year. Interested in figuring out whether your business is a good candidate for taking advantage of solar savings? Happy to chat about how Renewvia adds value to businesses and provides above market returns on our clients’ investment.

Henley Odom, Director of Business Development at Renewvia Energy,

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Unknown member
Mar 03, 2022

Roof repair experts have installed three solar systems in my office also but it doesn't seems useful to me at all. I think these solar systems are not of good quality at all.

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