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April 8, 2018

The Renewvia Energy Kenya Team is finishing installation of the Ringiti Solar Microgrid racking and module installation. Renewvia self performs the installation of the microgrid. The Renewvia Technicians Engineer, Procure and Construct their solar microgrids. Managing transport for microgrids in remote locations, especially islands is not trivial. Conventional commercial transport is mostly not available. Solar developers need expertise in transporting product to a location via multiple check points where transport changes and product bundles must be broken down to accommodate smaller transport vehicles. The product must be secured, protected and repacked before being delivered to project site. Constructing all aspects of solar microgrids can be performed by sub contractors or self performed if the developer has the qualification and capabilities. When relying on sub contractors for assembly of product, construction of the field and electrical AC and DC work allows for non performance and poor quality. Renewvia Energy Kenya is proud to self perform all aspects of the solar microgrid construction.


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